Welcome to RUM Invest

Who we are

Rum Invest is an international online trading company that offers financial services in various financial markets. It is authorized and regulated by the Jordanian Securities Commission in various financial jurisdictions. It was launched around 2003 and has won thousands of people over by its stability, growth and trading prowess.


Maximizing The Future with Easy and Safe Trading

At Rum Invest, it is our greatest priority to be recognised at a global level for our organizational procedures and providing financial services of different types. We also work hard to meet up with the present and future demands of our clients to build a long-term relationship with our partners in Jordan and abroad.

Our Mission & Vision

Striving for a better tomorrow!

We are very positive about the growth of our financial services and will continue to do everything we can to make sure we satisfy all our clients financial needs. We hope to be made an integrated platform locally, in regional areas and internationally so that we can help make investment procedures suitable and easier for our clients and our clients will be able to reach out to us from anywhere, at any time.

Meet our inspirational team

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